The case for renting: Why you shouldn’t be buying mobile phones for your employees

There are many legacy issues within the procurement realm. And although these outdated methods continue to cause businesses perpetual frustration, the obvious solution – to simply cut the service or the liability all together – is simply not feasible.

But there’s a smarter – and more affordable – way. A fully managed mobile phone rental service that frees up cashflow and IT department’s time. A one-stop-shop that completely removes the hassle of monitoring and managing your employee’s devices and data.

YBuy’s enterprise solution ensures your employees have the always-on mobile access to the internet they need to do their jobs, while precisely managing data use to ensure you never pay more than should.

Reimagining the most-used tool in business

What’s a cell phone worth? It’s a rapidly depreciating asset with built-in obsolescence. You don’t even have to take it out the box and it will be worth less in a few months.

But your business cannot survive without it.

The real value of a mobile phone is its operational use. From a management perspective, the value your employees create through their mobile phones is all that matters.

Yet many businesses still lay out significant cash for a ‘fleet’ of mobile phones for staff use.
That’s a huge capital investment in expensive devices that will need to be replaced in a few years – and will likely need costly maintenance before then.

A smart rental model enables you to manage your operational costs more effectively. Rental means no more onerous capital outlay and consistent, predictable operational cost management.

Mobiles for a mobile workforce

The expense of managing corporate mobile phones extends well beyond the initial outlay.

As we all know, phones get lost or broken all the time. Therefore, you need to factor in the cost of repairs and replacements. Plus there’s insurance to consider.

And then you need an effective mechanism to ensure employees get a replacement as soon as possible. Do you purchase additional inventory to ensure you always have spare?

YBuy offers surplus stock as part of your rental contract – ensuring you have a spare device to activate immediately. They manage the software set-up remotely so that your employee experiences no downtime. They also handle the repair of the faulty device for you. That’s zero hours lost, zero extra cost for you and zero headache of trying to get the device fixed. That’s another reason the managed enterprise model makes so much sense. It saves you time and effort, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Data: Gaining clarity and control over an invisible expense

Endless repair bills and out-of-control data bills are the stuff of finance department nightmares.

Handing over mobile devices with unlimited data to hundreds, maybe thousands, of employees is a recipe for data bills that spike higher than your CFO’s blood pressure.

On the other hand, the majority of us are working remotely and we need reliable access to mobile applications.

In some industries, always-on connection is literally a requirement for getting the job done. Online retailers, courier companies, emergency response teams – the list is as wide as it is varied. The fundamental truth is: if you run a business that relies on an app to fulfil your product or services delivery, then zero data literally means zero productivity. And potentially zero clients if the issue is a recurring one.

Here’s where the enterprise solution is a complete paradigm shift.

Employee mobile devices are “locked down” – restricting access to only business-critical platforms to ensure optimal functionality. There’s also no restriction on data – ensuring that your core business apps never go down due to running out. Rather than asking employees to account for their data use, you can whitelist the tools they need to perform their jobs effectively, ensuring they have consistent access whenever they need it.

There’s no need to manage data use internally (a complex task that is beyond the capacity of most businesses) while also ensuring that productivity never suffers because employees can’t use their devices.

An all-in-one operational solution

It’s time to manage your business, not your devices.

YBuy’s managed mobile enterprise solution isn’t simply a suite of useful services. It’s an integrated mobile solution that optimises cash flow and ensures your workforce have all the mobile connectivity they need to get the job done, at all times.

So why buy? Switch to a managed solution that saves you money and time.