Manage device reliability, sim abuse and data usage

What is an Integrated Mobility System?

An Integrated Mobility Solution (IMS) is a holistic service offering for organisations that use mobile applications for their operations and need to be constantly connected. It is a fully managed service that enables scale and certainty by removing the hassle, complexity and responsibility from managing device reliability, data consumption, user security and data fuelled insights.

Savings, Scale and Expert Support

YBuy’s integrated mobility solution is designed to help organisations who rely on enterprise applications to fulfil their business product or service offering.  By ensuring device reliability and zero downtime in addition to limiting data abuse, we deliver streamlined, optimised functionality of your mobile assets in the field.

We have partnered with the leaders in this space who leverage their decades of experience to consult and guide our clients on leveraging technology and data for scale and growth.

Integrated Mobility Solution

Data Management Service

  • Shared or private APN – managed data consumption with no need to top up bundles therefore ensuring your employees ability to work without disruption to services
  • Real-time visibility on data consumption with insight into data traffic patterns and user behaviour
  • Firewall access control lists –  restrict access
  • ISP APN agnostic

Device Lockdown Service

  • Custom-made device lockdown solutions
  • Secure, monitor and manage company-owned devices for dedicated enterprise use
  • Control user capabilities through endpoint management, mobile application management and data content management
  • Custom-made user profile restrictions
  • Radically reduce the risk of device theft
  • Asset tracking and content management at all times

Tailormade Device Rental Models

  • Business unit/organisation-wide device analysis
  • Tailormade rental model proposal based on needs and budget
  • All inclusive rental model with a pool stock allowance, insurance plan and access to repairs and support services
  • Procurement capability for scale

Sim Administration and Management Service

  • Fully managed sim administration and management service
  • Pay for what you use (only pay for in-use sims)
  • No more sim-swop hassle
  • Reduced downtime
  • Management platform gives full visibility and location of all sim assets
  • Network agnostic

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Is the device going to be used for a a business-only core function/application?

Do you use Android or IOS devices?

Is the device going to be used for a a business-only core function/application?